Showbox Alternatives 2018 | 10 Apps Like Showbox (PC, Android, iOS)

Are you ready to explore treasure trove of movies? Here is the best app on which you can watch movies and TV series online. Among many other sites that offer all this service for a basic subscription charge, this is different. Popcorn time offers you them for free. If you don’t want to watch movies out in the theatre you can download this site. To watch this, the only criterion is a best quality internet connection. You can watch online and download your favorite movies here. The app is using BitTorrent P2P technology and in this article we clearly explains how to Download Showbox For iPhone. Because of this, you don’t have to wait until the download completes to watch a movie. You can watch the movie at the same time of download in this app.

showbox for iphone

Features of Showbox Apk

Updates contents:
The app updates its movie list every week. So you don’t have to go anywhere else to watch new movies. Whenever a good print comes the app brings it to its data base.

Variety of movies:
You can find movies from all genres in this app. Popular categories are romantic, drama, action and many more. Other than movies you can watch your favorite TV series here.

You can watch any movies with the help of subtitles. There are many movies from various languages available here. You can select any and watch it with the help of subtitles.

Internet connection:
If you have a fast internet connection you can watch the movies without buffering. If the connection is slow then don’t worry, you can watch it offline by downloading it.

Instant Playback:
Don’t need to wait until downloading completes. Using P2P BitTorrent technology you can watch downloaded parts instantly.















It is a known fact that the advent of technology and the internet has rapidly enhanced the way we do business. In likewise manner, it has to also transform the way we learn. Statistics has shown that people have been learning more since the beginning of the 21st century. This increase in learning has been traced to the advancement in technologies especially the internet. Generally, organizing and attending physical classroom – based training, seminars, long and short courses, etc. is becoming too exorbitant and unwieldy. Yet, employees had to squeeze out time to participate in these developmental programs.However, it is one thing to read all the reports and books or even attend all the seminars, courses and trainings. But it is another thing to remain updated in that area.

This problem of constantly remaining up – to – date now prompts the need for organizations to design a more efficient, flexible and productive means for employees to learn and remain updated in any area of knowledge.This alternative modernized design for learning could only be made possible through eLearning (electronic learning) also known as electronic content delivery.  Corporate eLearning is intended to supply an up – to – date programs that are cost effective towards the development and building of employees.



Unrestricted Access

Employees can access trainings anytime, from anywhere and at their own convenience without any barrier. This was made possible by the growing presence of the internet.Internet offer companies reasonable internet solutions to help meet their company’s development and training goals. And most employees in a company now work with a computer either at home or in the office.The internet has made it possible for workforce to have easy online access to online libraries, stores and training centers. You learn without restrictionsThe use of the web cuts across the globe, boundaries and continents. So for instance, you can be in New Zealand and at the same time taking a training or course in New Jersey. The trainees need to note time zone differences and even language barriers if any.

The only difference may be your time zone and in some cases language. But one thing is sure; you can get all the resources needed for learning as e-books, videos, blogs, etc.. With this learning is made possible for 24 hours a day and 7days a week.


Better Retentive Ability

It is a known fact that we all learn differently, how employee A learns is different from how Employee B will learn. Unlike the classroom training where all the employees are subjected to the same learning conditions not minding the individual learning differences, web – based learning gives room for people to learn at their own pace and style.Trainees have full control over their learning and have 24/7 access to study / training materials. The eLearning experience has helped to enhance the rate at which trainees acquire and retain knowledge. This is so because eLearning give room for the use of pictures and videos clips to explain concepts. For some people it is easier to retain images than theoretical explanations. While in some instances, eLearning gives room for content to be broken down into smaller units also known as chunks. Chunks could be easily read and understood because the leave lasting impressions in the mind of the students thereby leading to a faster learning curve.With eLearning, the average content retention ability of an individual has increased by about 55-60% whereas the Instructor – led class about 54%.

Cost - Efficient

E-learning has made learning flexible and less expensive. Compared to classroom based learning, it has far more benefits.Facilitators and tutors are not paid exorbitant salaries. E-learning also eliminates the need for hotel fees and other administrative costs.This system of learning has vastly reduced the number of trainers that have to be involved with a course, thereby reducing costs.Another major benefit of eLearning is that it removes the stress and cost of getting both the trainees and trainers in the same location. A report from Training Magazine states that organizations can save about 70% of cost when they replace classroom – based training with eLearning. And not only that, it also helps training institutes breakdown their training courses into smaller sessions. These sessions are now spread evenly across days or weeks or months.Organizations do not have to send their employees to train for a long period of time or send all their employees for training at once. With this form of learning, employees can also plan their time more effectively and boost their productivity since the need for unplanned course travel or journey against rush hour traffic to get to a class is now cancelled.

Regular Updates
The study by training magazine have shown that Web – based Training (eLearning) has been more consistent and better than the classroom based learning by about 50 – 60%.ELearning has made it possible for instructors, organizations and employees to regularly update themselves with recent relevant information. By the means of web – based technology instructors or training organizations could easily bring up-to-date their lessons and materials at intervals. They can get new information from different parts of the world which enriches their training manuals or materials with newly updated scenarios and happenings around the world.With this constant update, organizations and employees now have access to instant fresh and up – to – date training in their field at a minimal cost. They don’t have to travel or stress down to a classroom to get refreshed.

Better Interaction and Communication
Another important advantage of eLearning is that it fosters an Instructor – Trainee relationship as well as Trainee – Trainee relationship. ELearning offers more collaborative and interactive platforms for both experts and trainee across the globe. Most eLearning Technologies have interactive platforms like forums where experts and trainees discuss and share their various experience with each other.Also, the teaching style adopted by eLearning is the type that creates an interactive environment where simulations, case studies, story – telling, demonstrations, live videos, personal coaching, group discussions, team work, chat rooms, tutorials, FAQs and wizards are used to impart knowledge.A lot of employees have been hindered from taking different advanced courses and training due to distance, but eLearning has taken care of that by providing the Distance learning method.

This learning method allows employees to take a course from Washington while resident in South Korea. The expensive cost of traveling and accommodation has been cut off through this means of eLearning. Also, studies have shown that students that partake in online programs interact more deeply with the subject matter than a student in a classroom setting due to the different discussions they get involved in. The Study further showed that these online students enjoyed the program more, spent more time on class work, understood the material better, and performed, on average, 20% better than students who were taught in the traditional classroom.More so is the fact that instructors do not monopolize or take full control in an online program. It is usually interactive and open.


Online Training is Less Intimidating than Classroom Courses.
In classroom training, students may be too shy to ask some certain questions. Or in some cases they may find it too shameful to share the experience of some bad decisions they had taken previously because of the fear of people laughing at them.But this is not the case with an online training course most especially the leadership and decision making courses where people are not scared to share their previously wrong experience. Since the students cannot see themselves one on one.

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The study by training magazine have shown that Web – based Training (eLearning) has been more consistent and better than the classroom based learning by about 50 – 60%.

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ELearning offers more collaborative and interactive platforms for both experts and trainee across the globe. Most eLearning Technologies have interactive platforms

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In classroom training, students may be too shy to ask some certain questions. Or in some cases they may find it too shameful to share the experience of some bad decisions

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